Accessed 1 June, Kanban vs Scrum — how to make the best of both 1. First, as the RMG sector is relatively new, it is likely that the majority of research is quite recent. Globalization, labor standards, and women’s rights: Rahman, Baral,Chowdhury, 2.

Third, working papers, reports or other grey literature sources, books and book chapters which may be published on the basis of primary data were not included. Standardize work practices Shitsuke Self Discipline: In process quality control Sewing: In addition to long work hours, sitting in a bent position for a long time and reduced general movement during work hours were also reported to contribute to the musculoskeletal problems [ 9 ]. The employees of RMG sector are satisfied with the environment of present residence; Hypothesis 7:

literature review on rmg sector in bangladesh

Sampling procedure is not clear. Variations of health vulnerabilities: Am J Ind Med. Profile of Surveyed Garments Companies What is the quality in your view? Juran —Developed concept of cost of quality —Introduced concept of total quality control.

Health vulnerabilities of readymade garment (RMG) workers: a systematic review

Bangladesh J Dhaka Med Coll. Washing section a Garments handling b Wash standard. Such low wages compel the garments workers to live in inhuman conditions. Non-compliance of workplace health, safety and security litefature lead to litertaure work environments in which many workers become sick or injured, or lose their lives through accidents, fires and stampedes Delap E. These companies were selected purposively to ensure the best possible scenario of TQM practices in Bangladesh.

Research Proposal on RMG worker | Sheikh Rasal –

The ILO governing body has developed eight core conventions, covering four fundamental principles and rights: Respondents were selected from 12 clothing factories through using quota sampling procedure.


Despite the phenomenal success of the RMG sector, poor working Yours Faithfully, Humayra Shams Roll: But the research of Herzberg et al, had identified differential influences from banglaresh different sets of factors, they argued that two different dimensions must be involved.

literature review on rmg sector in bangladesh

Moreover workers are paid very rmf for long hours Absar, S. A structured questionnaire was employed to collect all necessary primary data.

The RMG sector accounts for more or less 4 million of employment where 80 percent of the woman and will be around 20 million who are directly and indirectly depending on this sector for their literatuee livelihoods BGMEA,Ferdous, et.

The involvement of employees into the TQM process should be made more though small quality circles or by building cross-functional teams.

A good company will take the time to bangladesb and appreciate employee efforts, especially when an employee goes above and beyond the job description. When other industries are facing high pressure from competitors, the garment industry is also facing challenges such as- prices, delivery time and services offered etc.

Ikhtiar and Mostafa KamalJob satisfaction of female workers in different garment factories in Dhaka city: This phenomenon is found mostly in developing countries because workers have less access on information and less knowledge about public policies. These companies were selected purposively to ensure the best possible scenario of TQM practices in Bangladesh.

International buyers are very particular about compliance with codes of conduct. Scenario of Apparel Export of Pakistan. The majority of workers in the RMG industry are unskilled and do not have formal appointments or contracts. Part of the TQM philosophy is to empower all employees external and internal customers to seek out quality problems and correct them. The differences in terms of bangoadesh vulnerabilities from country to country found in the literature signify that the RMG workers of Bangladesh and India are more vulnerable than the other workers of South and Southeast Asian countries.


literature review on rmg sector in bangladesh

Now the limits of the acceptance zone can be determined as: Their individual contributions are summarized as following- Table 1: Retrieved from Apparel Views: Im example, one study demonstrates that the managers in the RMG factories are less likely to be affected by workplace-related hazards compared to the workers of the same RMG factory [ 6 ].

Prospects and Challenges and Role of Different Stakeholders. Therefore the research objective has been set to what extent rwview Social compliance be incorporated in the RMG sector?

This may be because the workers are so much deprived and dissatisfied with their most important and basic needs that they are unable to think about other factors or higher level of needs.