Tourism is very important in the county of Somerset. The backwash then brings the material back down. Soloution — This is when the different chemicals in the seawater such, as limestone and chalk will dissolve or rot rocks that are exposed to the chemicals. The heavy top cliff which collapsed into the water is called a stack. As pebbles travel from west to east attrition is occurring at all times which means the pebbles bang together and become smaller. I measured 30 pebbles in total, picked 1 pebble at every one meters for 30 meters.

I could have used a more accurate pebbleometer, clinometers and tape measure. The Beginning of Marketing. The limitations prevented us to investigate in our study further; we could have got a wide range of results if we investigated further and got accurate result. Abrasion — This is when breaking waves hit the rocks and pebbles against the cliffs, which eventually wears away the land. The force of the water continues hitting the new cave and the gap widens.

Is porlock bay affected by longshore drift?

We measured the pebbles using systematic sampling. This could have improved my investigation as the results I would get is more accurate. How about receiving a customized one? We then used the powers index card to justify roughly the shape of each 30 pebbles which we picked up.

What has been the dominant direction of longshore drift in the past along Deal beach?

This happens when the waves are full with energy. View the coasts menu. Is porlock bay affected by longshore drift? Our study is on coastal processes and management at Porlock Bay. Eszay Bay is a good summer destination for tourists as it has good industry.


longshore drift essay

As to my hypothesis of pebble sizes that they are going to get smaller as they travel from Gore Point to Hurlstone, this prediction was correct. This is because falling rocks from weak cliffs could fall at any point.

The amusement park, Butlins drives some of the economy and attracts many tourists to the area. The national park is called Exmoor national park. As the result longshoge break on to the beach obliquely at an angle of around 45 degrees. The average pebble size showed me that the average pebble at Gore Point is bigger than at Hurlstone Point. I compared Hurlstone facet length to Gore point and i found that Hurlstone has longer facet lengths. Drainage Basin Hydrological System.

Coastal Management Why is management needed at Barton on sea?

Longshore Drift – A Level Geography

Tourism is very important in the county of Somerset. In my investigation, I could have improved the way i collected the data or how i could have further investigated coastal processes at Porlock Bay. This concludes that the facet eszay are bigger at Hurlstone Ddrift due to long shore drift which will build up the facet with the material transported.

During our stay in Somerset we visited many places, which include Porlock Bay, Hurlstone point and Porlock Weir where.

Water erodes the bottom drlft the stack and a stump. This is due to attrition breaking fragments of the pebble to small ones whilst long shore drift transports the pebbles from Gore point to Hurlstone.


However, the soft rock is less resistant to the effects of weathering. As part of our geography coursework project we had to travel to somerset, Nettlecombe on the 9th July I could have improved my investigation into coastal processes at Porlock bay by using more precise measuring equipment.

The force of the water continues hitting the new essayy and the gap widens.

longshore drift essay

This is because it was very dangerous as there was a very strong sea current. The swash moves beach material along the beach and the backwash, under gravity, pulls the material back down the lnogshore at right angles to the coastline. Abrasion — This is when breaking waves hit the rocks and pebbles against the cliffs, which eventually wears away the land. Where the removal of beach material exceeds the supply erosion occurs.

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Landforms of erosion Find out about erosional landforms. Sediment budget Find out about the sediment budget.

As the result longshore drift transports material from the beach to the south of the groyne and is not replenished. The material was eroded from Gore Point logshore deposited at Hurlstone.

The video below shows the movement of beach sediment at Mappleton, Holderness Coast.

longshore drift essay