If you’re undecided, what you can do is enroll into NUS FASS first, then take the introductory modules for economics and communications in your first semester for a taster of what they’re really like. NTU added that immediate trauma counselling is open to all affected students and staff. Employers understand the concept of majors and are willing to accept that someone who majored in something should have adequate domain knowledge in that thing to do the job asked of them. Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. You can learn the computer languages of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in a module on web coding, or gain fresh insights into your favourite games from a game design module. Many netizens expressed shock over the incident, saying that a case like this is unexpected in Singapore.

But if you still have questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below, or better yet, drop me a message on Twitter or Reddit. Why should you care about this semantics? New Product Engineer, Advantest. Pages Blog About How to subscribe Contact. Let’s be clear, though. Sometimes these “raw data” can be put in appendix.

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore 1st job: Many netizens have also expressed tehsis condolences to David’s family and sympathies for Prof Chan, wishing him a speedy recovery. Development of smart pattern generator and logic analyzer using FPGA. NTU added that immediate trauma counselling is open to all affected students and staff.


These include case managers – appointed to the university’s bigger faculties – who are nt to identify students, faculty or staff in distress. Jonathan 25 April at It runs a semester-long Facilitation and Counselling Class where students are equipped with basic counselling skills.

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I really pity the guy. For example, those who like theories and research will definitely enjoy CNM more, as fup are many more of such module offerings in CNM than in WKWSCI, and FASS also offers plenty of opportunities for undergraduate students to assist faculty members in carrying out academic research projects. Pages Blog About How to subscribe Contact. The views expressed here are mine alone.

ntu fyp thesis

I’ve tried to be as objective as possible but my bias may creep in at times because I’m only human. At any time, the school said it has about nhu students in its Peer Helper Team. There’s also the possibility that you might fall in love with one particular area. The key is “sufficient details”.

Guo Menghan mhguo ntu. If u suay suay kana a devil, den you will suffer lots of Final Year Pain. Development of Star Track Baffle. Development of a Vision-based Collision Avoidance System. How committed are you when you make a decision?


ntu fyp thesis

Please refer to our Terms of Service for more information. If everything is managable, u will Feenish Your Project on time. Integrated smart sensor based application for Health, Fitness or Wellness Enhancement 1st job: This almost unfettered self-determination is theesis strength of the FASS system. Moderators are not employees or representatives of HWZ.

The Widjaja family were visibly upset when they arrived at the Singapore General Hospital’s mortuary.

And I won’t lie. Engineer, One Photon Pte.

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Dalian University of Technology, China. So, would you have any advice on this? If you graduate with the basic three-year degree, you’ll be at a huge disadvantage in your search fy a job in the communications sector as your domain knowledge will be extremely shallow. Is studying Communications at NUS bad?

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Li Lingpeng lili e. I’m an international student btw.

ntu fyp thesis

That should help you decide which you prefer and which you are stronger at.