However, osteoporosis is not primarily inherited, and can be affected by activity. B Gave birth to her first and only child at age To increase Kat’s dietary intake of calcium, which snack should the nurse recommend? Mechanical ventilation is not needed, but Kat’s healthcare provider prescribes a transfer to the critical care unit where Kat can be more closely monitored for the next 24 hours. Mylab Statistics – [Low] [2 weeks ago]. Kat states she has adhered to her dietary and exercise regimen faithfully. Log In Forgot your password?

Which aspect of her medication history is most likely to impact Kat’s risk for osteoporosis? What action should the charge nurse implement? B The supervisor agrees to send additional nursing staff to the unit so that Kat can receive one-to-one care. C “You may prefer to take the medication with a specific meal once a week. In planning Kat’s care, which problem has the highest priority? B Ask Kat to describe her method of Fosamax administration. Three mg tablets provide mg of calcium every day.

A Pelvic Fracture Management Kat’s respiratory status gradually improves and one-on-one monitoring is no longer required.

Acute deterioration of respiratory function may result in the need for endotracheal intubation and mechanical ventilation, so the nurse should ensure that this emergency equipment is readily available.

osteoporosis hesi case study answers quizlet

Explore Post your homework questions and get free online help qnswers our incredible volunteers. I used the first three answers for Kat Mitchell osteoporosis case study and they are incorrect. B “Many persons with osteoporosis do not have any symptoms. B Kat tells the nurse that she started taking a mg calcium supplement daily after she stopped her post-hysterectomy estrogen therapy.


osteoporosis hesi case study answers quizlet

C “By taking 3 of your calcium tablets each day you will receive adequate amounts of calcium for your needs. D An ounce of low-fat cream cheese on a bagel. D Ask the client if she has discussed this symptom with her healthcare provider. D “You are fortunate that you are not having quuizlet symptoms yet.

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X-ray reveals a pelvic fracture, and Kat is transferred to the heei unit for fracture management. A Request that a social worker meet with the client to arrange drug abuse counseling. However, another action is of greater priority. B “How do you envision your lifestyle in the years ahead?

Solved An adult says, “I never know the xase and “My opinion doesn’t count. She continues to exercise every day and has resumed her frequent hiking trips in the mountains. Otherwise, contact a moderator for more options. In addition to evaluating for the presence of subjective symptoms, what assessment technique should the nurse include in the ongoing assessment of Kat’s bone density?

A Diphenoxylate Lomotilan antidiarrheal, taken prior to the acute exacerbation for occasional episodes of diarrhea. D “Most people your age quizlwt some quizlett problem to cope with. D Client Teaching Kat’s healthcare provider recommends a regimen of exercise and diet. B “As long as your vitamin supplement also contains Vitamin D, you will be receiving adequate supplementation. Precious are you talking about Ms.


A Prepare the client for a blood transfusion. I have CAD, do you have osteoporosis, can we trade? A Apply oxygen via mask. B Observe for hematuria. C Quietly leave the area and allow the nurse to ventilate these concerns in the break room.

The nurse states that Kat is dependent on her pain meds and that her healthcare provider is a “quack” who has caused Kat’s drug addiction. The use of placebos is considered unacceptable in the management of pain by the American Pain Society.

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CORRECT The client should be instructed to report bone pain and unexplained leg cramps, which may be indications of altered serum calcium levels. Biology Forums – Study Force is the leading provider of online homework help for college and high school students. She states that she has taken a number of medications during the last year to manage her ulcerative colitis.