I would be happy to have a preliminary discussion with you or members of your team to see if we can establish a mutual interest. Catalogues and files all slides and report forms to be used as part of patient’s medical records. Records and compares any surgical findings with cytological findings. Knowledge of principle, concepts and techniques in the health, medical, or allied science fields e. Accessions specimens, as assigned by registration, accessioning, order entry, and reporting. Cytological processing of gynecologic ThinPrep and Surepath and non-gynecologic specimens.

Submit A Cover Letter. Duties included microscopically examining medical specimen slides for malignancy and other entities accurately and efficiently while complying with all policies and procedures.. However, to work as a cytotechnologist you need to hold strong analytical skills and deep knowledge of human anatomy. Download Cytotechnologist Resume Sample as Image file. Want x more interviews guaranteed? Classifies slides according to established classifications ranging from negative to positive for malignant cells.

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Choose the best template – Choose from 10 Leading Templates. Two years college with at least 12 semester hours in science, 8 of which are biology, plus one year cytology technical training from a Committee on Allied Health education and Accreditation CAAHEP accredited school, Before September 1, Bachelor of Science, plus one year cytology technical training from a CAAHEP accredited school Current license as a cytotechnologist issued by the state in which the laboratory is located, if such licensing is required and be certified by the American Society of Clinical Pathologists ASCP.

Your Resume, Made Easy. On call for emergency diagnostic services. Collaborated writing the Collection Manual and wrote a comprehensive manual of courier routes and procedures meeting laboratory compliance requirements.

As the senior enlisted supervisor for the laboratory, mentored 8 junior military staff in their personal education and professional development. Reviewed diagnostic accuracy of other cytotechnologists and clinicians. Further, a cytotechnologist resume also spell skills such as keen observation, tasks prioritizing, communication as well as experience of working with microscope and other lab equipment.

Prepares microscopic slides from specimens cytotechnologit blood, scrapings, or other body fluids, including Fine Needle Aspirations Reports negative pap smears evaluations as final diagnosis Reports abnormal pap smear results to Pathologist as preliminary finding Coordinates activities in cytology laboratory Thirty six 36 months related experience as a Cytotechnologist plus the demonstrated ability to perform all cytology procedures in accordance with specifications set by the department head Bachelor’s degree in science or related fields or graduated from a committee on allied health education and accreditation CAHEA accredited school of cytotechnology or other organization approved by health and human services HHS Or certified in cytotechnology by a certification agency approved by HHS; e.


Create a Resume in Minutes. Embraces new ideas and cultural differences while managing cytotrchnologist priorities Accountability— Willingly accepts personal responsibility for decisions, actions, attitudes and behaviors that contribute to the overall effectiveness of the organization.

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Download Cytotechnologist Resume Sample as Image file. I am open to be relocate in Florida state, and be in a travel, temporary, contract job in any state of United State of America. Guide the recruiter to the conclusion that you are the best candidate for the cytotechnologist job. Performs routine screening of cell specimens, reports results and documents daily workload records Processes specimens for analysis according to specifications related to the type of specimen Performs quality control assessment, equipment maintenance and troubleshooting May assist in the collection and processing of fine needle aspiration specimens.

Prepared and interpreted fine needle aspiration FNA samples. Your information is safe and will never be shared. Adept in working with the team to examine the samples and assist in diagnosing the health issues for early treatment. P or equivalent Must have Lead experience Three 3 years of experience as a Cytotechnologist. CLIA, CAP, CLSI NCCLSTexas Department of Health, EPA regulations regarding regulated waste disposal Ability to work in data entry, processing, testing and reporting Has a good working knowledge of the computer system for result entry and data entry Screens both gynecological and non-gynecological specimens within the established workload limits Participates in quality control of the gynecological specimens with the appropriate level of experience Documents the number of cases screened and hours spent screening daily Participates in CAP continuing education slide reviews and complete the required number of continuing education hours with acceptable performance Maintains microscopes Communicates on the phone with clinics and resolves problems in a professional manner Generates Monthly QA reports as instructed by Pathology Manager Performs other duties a required.

Cover Letters Samples for real jobs. Must be able to successfully complete established competencies for the position within designated probationary period.

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Correlate results with findings from pathology Participate in teleconferences, CAP PAP PT’S and multi-level scope sessions and other educational opportunities provided to maintain microscopic skills and screening parameters Document screening time, in compliance with regulatory requirements Minimum five 5 years of microscope saple as a Cytotechnologist, including Gyn cytotechnologisst non-Gyn Bachelor’s cytotechnlogist in cytology or biological science field Ability to prioritize and organize Evidence of continuing education Willingness to present interesting cases or other areas of expertise in a classroom setting Knowledge and skills sufficient to provide technical instructions on problems and advise others on cytologic techniques.


I am seeking to pursue my long-term personal and professional goal of a challenging career as a Cytotechnologist within a hospital environment for the variety of specimens and the opportunity to participate in fine needle aspiration procedures.

sample cover letter for cytotechnologist

Communicates effectively, follows through on assignments, uses resources efficiently, participates in learning opportunities and treats others with respect and dignity Excellence — Serves as a role model and performs job responsibilities to the highest standards in every situation. Evaluation of conventional and liquid-based gynecologic preparations Thin Prep and Surepath as well as qualified review of non-gynecological, exfoliative and cytotechnilogist needle aspiration specimens.

Provides assistance to physician with special procedures FNA’s and other specimens to ensure proper specimen collection and fixation Participation in and adherence to quality control program to ensure that cytopathology reports are precise, accurate and timely Receives, identifies, accessions and records receipt cvoer cytological specimens.

Their study on cells helps tor in planning and implementing appropriate treatments in for the patients. Submit A Cover Letter. Reports Negative Pap smears evaluations as Final Diagnosis.

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Provides essential coordination and summaries for broad review by the Medical Director of Anatomic Pathology Controls specimen accessioning through the computer system to insure accuracy and timeliness of data input and output Tracks abnormal or unusual results and maintains constant contact with the Medical Director for appropriate follow up of these results Provides technical assistance and information and serves as a technical consultant to physicians, nurses, and other medical personnel Maintains all required cytotechonlogist for review cytotecunologist accrediting agencies: Build a Resume Now.

CoPath or similar system Minimum 1 year in hospital or high volume cytology laboratory. Catalogues and files all slides and report forms to be used as part of patient’s medical records.

Performed diagnostic cytopathology, processing gynecologic and non-gynecologic samples for cancer diagnosis. See more cover letters in the Healthcare Cover Letters category. Coordinated charitable collections benefiting local families.