The E-Portfolio Workshop is the 1-hour capstone course for the Writing Certificate and can be taken up to three times for credit. Ideas and forms in American poetry from to Intermediate study in creative writing, limited to a single genre, such as short fiction, poetry, nonfiction, the novel, performative writing, hypertext, and hybrid form. Topics and instructors vary from semester to semester. Course includes a service-learning project during the semester that either employs skills or knowledge learned in the course or teaches new skills or knowledge related to course objectives. Romantic-era literature focusing on a particular circle of writers who knew and wrote in relation to one another.

The Coordinator of the WCP can review and approve such courses on a case-by-case basis. Students will meet with faculty members on a regular basis. Topics in Twentieth-Century British Literature. Introduction to British Culture I. Students will participate in an experiential learning project assisting local communities in preserving or memorializing movement histories and stories.

Independent research and thesis preparation. Topics in Nineteenth-Century British Literature. Special topics in English literature from More through Milton. Students will participate in an experiential learning project assisting local communities in preserving or memorializing movement histories and stories.

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The works, times, and critical heritage of William Blake. Regionalism, realism, and naturalism from to with attention to the themes of ethical conflict, determinism, urbanization, the New Woman, and the contributions of ethnic minorities.

Topics in Twentieth-Century British Fo. Short fiction in English, with some attention to historical development of the genre, narrative techniques, and the development of critical strategies for reading and writing. Composition Theory and Pedagogy. Topics must be approved by English department graduate committee.


An jntro of eighteenth-century British literature with an emphasis on texts that attend to issues of empire, race, travel, colonialism, transatlanticism, and multiculturalism in the period.

Topics in Multicultural Literature.

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Offered uta semester every odd-numbered year. The Twentieth-Century British Novel. Courses taken as directed readings or capstone courses that lead to a significant writing project can also be counted for credit toward the Writing Certificate.

English drama from toexclusive of Shakespeare, emphasizing dramatists such as Marlowe, Jonson, Webster, and Middleton.

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An examination of eighteenth-century British literature with an emphasis on texts that represent women and investigate themes of gender, the feminine literary marketplace, and the history of women. Not open to students with credit in ENGL Introduction to Fiction Honors.

The ideas and artistic expression of contemporary American prose and poetry. Offered spring semester every year. In discussion, students will evaluate writing in specific contexts and develop expertise in critical reading, rhetorical analysis, peer review, and revision.

Electronic text resources; management of department-issued individual Unix-shell account files; file transfer; telnet; mail; newsgroups ; use of various browsers on the World-Wide Web; home access; elementary text manipulation concording ; basic text and image editing; fundamentals of “markup” language HTML, SGML.

Encourages students to investigate a topic within the discipline of Xreative Studies at greater length than in a survey class. The major genres of verbal folklore–folk speech, proverbs, riddles, rhymes, legends, folktales, ballads, and folksong–along with folk customs, festivals, and material culture.


Introduces English majors to possible career wwriting such as lawyer, technical writer, public relations specialist, author, college teacher, school teacher, publisher, editor, store manager, or human resources officer. The literary legacy of the American South.

uga intro to creative writing

This writing-intensive class introduces beginning and intended English majors to the skills and knowledge necessary for successful pursuit of a degree in English: Topics might typically be advanced technical communication, academic writing for too scholars, or text and hypertext.

The course uses service-learning as the primary pedagogical tool for teaching course objectives.

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Ideas ihtro forms in American poetry in the twentieth century. Offered fall and spring semester every year. American poetry, fiction, and prose written between and You must successfully complete this course and your completed final portfolio must be approved by the Coordinator of the WCP in order to receive the Writing Certificate.

Early Eighteenth-Century Prose and Poetry. The interpretation of films, with emphasis on the relationships between motion pictures and British and American literature.

Study of contemporary rhetorical theory and its relation to literary criticism and English composition.