No further communication regarding the student or the thesis should occur between the External Examiner and the supervisor, committee members, or student prior to the oral defense. Your program clerk will connect your account to a collection in UVicSpace and reply to you by email. Your thesis or dissertation will be placed in the University of Victoria’s electronic collection, UVicSpace. Return to secondary navigation. You must apply to graduate in order to receive information about the upcoming convocation.

Review your program with your supervisor to confirm that your degree requirements will be met by the end of term. Oral exams must be held in the term in which you plan to complete your program. Return to secondary navigation. Return to page content. Return to global menu. The request for oral examination must be signed by the entire supervisory committee and submitted to the office of the Dean of Graduate Studies:. After consultation with the candidate, the maximum length of time permitted for the revision shall be set by majority vote of the committee, but shall not exceed one year from the date of the oral examination.

Gowns, robing, and finding your assigned seat: If this is the case, you will likely want the Faculty of Graduate Studies to withhold your work from publication in UVicSpace. Google Scholar and other search engins regularly crawl UVicSpace, to share your work with other scholars in your field. Check with your graduate secretary: In the event that a faculty member is unable to attend in person or virtually, the member is expected to provide questions for the examination, and is responsible for finding a proxy to attend the examination and ask the questions of the candidate.


The primary supervisor shall oversee the revision of the project. The Dean of Graduate Studies will appoint a Chair from outside the academic unit for the and final oral examination. If you are required to correct the formatdo so and then resubmit your thesis. In the event that a faculty member is unable to attend, please read this memo.

CPFA Ancillary fees will be assessed for the term. The proxy must be a member of the Faculty of Graduate Studies. The student and all supervisory committee members are normally expected to be present at the oral examination either in person, or virtually.

That the independent research work is acceptable and the oral defense is acceptable. To complete your program by the end of the current term. The following gives you a general ideal of tasks involved in scheduling the oral.

Please note that the final oral examining committee must include at least one person from outside the home academic unit.

Oral defence – University of Victoria

Convocation is held in June and November of each year. Instructions concerning the appropriate procedures to follow for oral defennce can be found on the web site of the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

uvic thesis defence schedule

The Graduate Program Assistant will prepare two forms and give them to your supervisor to take to the oral:. See the academic calendar for exceptions. The student and the committee will decide on a date for the oral that is convenient for everyone.

All supervisory committee members are normally expected to be present for their students’ oral examinations. Sign and submit the completed request for oral examination form together with an updated CV from the External Examiner for approval by the Dean as well as a copy of the Confirmation of Arm’s Length Status Form. Skip to primary navigation. If defenxe or more members of the examining committee are opposed to passing the student, the student will not be recommended for the degree.


Graduation requirements and deadlines – University of Victoria

Senate awards degrees based on the convocation list in May and October of each year. Return to page content. Graduate Studies will provide a copy of the thesis to the chair of the ghesis. Oral examinations are open to the public.

If the primary supervisor finds the revisions have met the requirements agreed at the examination, the primary supervisor shall distribute the project it to the rest of examining committee. Skip to primary navigation.

Guidelines for oral examinations

Last term in program: Your program clerk schddule connect your account to a collection in UVicSpace and reply to you by email. However, if you’ve already applied, but know that you will not meet the requirements to graduate on time, notify the Graduate Admission and Records Office.

uvic thesis defence schedule

Applying to graduate How do I apply to graduate? You would thewis be eligible for CPFA. Sign and submit the completed request for oral examination form to the Office of the Dean of Graduate Studies.