Bourke, Rosie Jean The effects of localized fatigue in the knee extensors on crank power and muscle activation. Al-Khalidi, Hassan Technical consideration and impact of converting overhead power lines to underground power cables. Danthuluri, Ravi Investigation on the quality of videoconferencing over the Internet and intranet environments. Dow, Malcolm James Disabled person’s control, communication and entertainment aid: Jang, Ki-Hyo Identification and characterisation of the cell surface and enzymatic barriers to plasmid transformation in Corynebacterium glutamicum and related species.

Febbraio, Mark Anthony The effect of environmental temperature on exercise metabolism. Adam Alexander , Architecture , A Social Cognitive Perspective. Fernando, Sabrina Continuing education needed by park and recreation professionals to ensure the inclusion of people with disabilities. Chang, Ching-Hung The effect of newness of physical surroundings on theme park visitors’ repurchase behaviour. Mustaffa, Mohd Tafir A reconfigurable low noise amplifier for a multi-standard receiver. A case study of the Kindergarten Cluster Management framework in Victoria.

Kitiyanusan, Roongfa Facilitating the questioning skills of student teachers through action research. Marshall, Albert The sounds of culture: Lee, Karen Wing Sze Understanding the problems of managing quality in the handling chain for horticultural products. Chan, Chi Chuen The clinical and social construction of pathological gamblers in Macau. George GoodwinArchitecture Kelly, Noelene J Shoulder fuw the wind: Nazia KachwallaArchitecture Bortoli, Anthony Aspects of the behaviour of single storey industrial buildings in fire.


Kutyna, Dariusz Roman Isolation of low ethanol producing yeast strains using adaptive evolution. Deighton, Nikki Defining the future: Arcjive DenchArchitecture Lawrence, Dianne The professional attitude of psychologists towards the depression of psychologists.

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Hong, Jin Wang Chinese economic and financial reforms: Daskalou, Dean Osteopathic treatments and thesia techniques used in the treatment of acute mechanical low back pain. Harding, Lauren The importance of an early positive change in pain and function in determining overall clinical improvement following strengthening treatment for chronic neck pain.

Hawking, Paul Factors critical to the success of business intelligence systems. Lloyd, Marianne Elizabeth Fear of intimacy in romantic relationships during emerging adulthood: Mayaka, Melphon Assessing tourism industry training and education: Morris, Leanne From collegial engagement to perfomance management: Harvey, Kathryn Opportunities for marketing chilled Indian samosas in Archivee.

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Hickman, Bronwen Mary Gaunt: Shannon LenihanInterior Architecture Al-Silami, Tareq A comparison of creative thinking and reflective-impulsive style in grade 10 male students from rural and urban Saudi Arabia. Prosodically-conditioned allomorphy in Yidiny. Bevinakoppa, Savitridevi G Digital image compression on parallel computer architectures.

Cook, Marie Australian stories of coffee in Melbourne and environs: Astell, Katie J Effects of Caralluma fimbriata extract on cardiovascular and metabolic disorders.


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Other Degree thesis, University of Sussex. Klopovic, Suzana Experimental and computational study of flames venting externally during full scale flashover fires. Mishra, Mukti Public sector reforms, fiscal and governance reforms: Kostidis, Michael A comparison of the effect of archie energy technique Greenman method and passive stretching on hamstring extensibility.

This goal of optimisation will also be continued through to fabrication and construction. An in-depth explanation of Absurdism, which is provided in the expanded version of this thesis, is necessary to fully concur with this statement but what needs to beunderstood for now is that, according to the Guw theory, no individual will find true meaning in their meaningless universe, or in their architecture.

Brown, Diane Publishing Culture: Freitas, Salustiano The Indonesians teach us how to hate their violence but also how to resist: Han, Jin-Song Motives for taking up tai chi.

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