Good luck for your application! There are also many MNCs operating in Korea that are looking for employees with international background. I define UIC as ‘a house built on the rock’. But I want you to help me further please! Did you get one or do you know anyone that got one?

I hope this helps you a bit. Do we still need to send our secondary school result slips over? I know how stressful it is during applications period keke, all the best!! I know that they do not accept pre-med applications in Fall, only Spring. So I am like crazy with everyhting translating papers, essay, applications.. I got to know about the International Studies major of UIC, and thought that was a perfect fit for what I wanted to do.

Is there a personal statement?

I am sorry to say that in my opinion, everything stated there is true. If you take your studies seriously, then you first have to make sure that your Korean foundation is strong. I hope this helps you a bit. In any case, if it is possible, I would suggest for you to take the SAT again if you are confident of getting a higher score, because a higher score is always more helpful.

Friendships will break but also strengthen with the distance, those who truly care about you will stay in you life if you make a bit of effort. I intend to apply to Yonsei, department of pre-medicine.


Secondly, I believe that you really want to learn in the pre-med course, so Korean proficiency is very important. So what do you do? Just tell them that you intend to study in a Korean university and for application purposes you need a Consular Confirmation. As a new college of Yonsei University, UIC envisions new paradigm of undergraduate education by offering its liberal art education.



Have fun getting to know your new classmates. So basically, I studied and is studying in Hong Kong since kindergarten.

yonsei uic essay

Therefore I would recommend that you prepare well for the application and interview as well: Email required Address never made public. The average grade thing is rssay above the Test Information Section.

In short all freshman students coming to UIC are required to spent at least one year 2 semesters living in the dorms at International Campus. I think the latest figure was over 40 countries and territories or something, though that might have changed with people graduating and freshmen coming in.

Hi William, I saw your previous comment regarding your academic achievements and I have actually about the same grades, do you mind me asking if you managed to get the admission scholarship?


Annonymous Can you address the complaints present in the college board forum. Do your research carefully when applying. For example, since I already decided to major in International Studies, I chose the question on current news to demonstrate my understanding and opinions about news and ewsay Despite the cost being high it is still lower compared to many other international universities.


I wonder how many of us actually got in? Since speaking from experience is most accurate, most of this post would be based on my application to Yonsei University Underwood International College.

So thank you again for all your hardwork! How much people sat in front of you? It is very specific major, hard to find elsewhere. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Also, my exchange student year in the US in an area with a primarily African-American population changed my view towards the world and redefined my uoc.

Underwood International College

Hey Edsay hope you are still answering questions. I know how stressful it is during applications period keke, all the best!! I feel as though UIC is still relatively unknown so it is very difficult for me to find someone that I can look to for guidance during the application process.

yonsei uic essay

When it comes to actual tuition UIC is sadly the most expensive Korean university, traditional Yonsei is cheaper. I know Uiv is a separate entity from the college of med, but I hope you can help me!

yonsei uic essay

I knew I wanted a good education in English language and was keen to try a new place I have never experienced before. The next test date will be in OCT.

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